25 thoughts on “Tree + or – Leaf

  1. This is good, no bare bones about it. Something is so unromantic about “fall”, but autumn is interesting. I see :everything is related: again, here, as with the napkin shirt…everything from micro to macro design. The images of leaves are still showing with the tree even after they come together with the ground…impressive. I appreciate seeing this. It is good knowledgeable circumstances about how things happen together…alleviates confusion for people.

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    1. I see ‘romance’ in fall. The fall colors are absolutely beautiful. Also, if one can love another without all of the glitz and glitter — bare bones — then the love is genuine. What could be more romantic than that?


      1. The color is wonderful and so is the climate at most places…autumn is a good word while “the fall” and “falling” reminds the soul of other things that are not pleasant to understand or experience. Richard’s gift with relating ideas and images together is supreme. Your interest in love is continuable.

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