What Now??!?

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24 thoughts on “What Now??!?

  1. What now?
    No point on trying to fly to be honest in a pig’s point of view.
    Have to come down to live a life.
    Thank you very much,Sir for sharing all your lively creations.
    Can I buy this piece of art at Etsy please to use on my blog?


      1. Thank you so much Sir, for your time. I am no longer interested in this particular one. Shall shop on your Etsy page if something interests me.


  2. If the leopard can’t change his spots
    and the ostrich, head in the sand his brain rots
    where does leave pink pigs that fly?

    If the wolves devour and the elephants forget
    and there’s great big holes in the fisherman’s net
    I suspect they’ll all be seen in your mind’s eye.


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