Creative Juice

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13 thoughts on “Creative Juice

  1. I hopped over here on a whim, thought “I’ll see what up with him”; scrolling, reading, couldn’t stop–so, Following’s my next stop 🙂 Richard, I’m totally intrigued by my visit here today–thanks for a nice break! Blessings on your New Year 🙂


      1. You’re so right, Richard–I’m convinced there must be a “computer error” regarding my age, haha! I don’t feel almost 70 (though I have common infirmities of the “senior set”)–can’t believe I survived this long…and gained wisdom and humor and gratitude in abundance! Take good care of YOU! 🙂


  2. Well then…
    Pass the glass?
    I must ask.
    My creativity’s run dry.
    If yours overflows
    It’ll come out your nose
    Maybe mine will come out my eyes?!


  3. How nice it is to have your creative juice overflowing when you wake. I may be the same, but it’s like whenever I’d take the glass of creative juice to drink, it would suddenly break, taking out all the creative juice before I could even take a sip.😅


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