58 thoughts on “Squirrels These Days

  1. This reminds me of a poem out of a book I had… A Child’s First Book of Poems, is, I believe, the name of it.
    Let’s see if I remember the poem from heart….
    I think mice are rather nice,
    Their tails are long, their faces small,
    They haven’t any chins at all;
    Their ears are pink, their teeth are white,
    They run about the house all night;
    They nibble things they shouldn’t touch,
    And no one seems to like them much,
    But I think mice are nice.
    I feel like I’m missing a stanza.

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      1. Fortunately no rats or mice that I know of at my place. There are possums that visit during the night and eat whatever they can in the garden. During the day I occasionally see a bush turkey looking for food.


  2. Truly humorous and true of squirrels. They annoy me. They steal bird seed, run all over the deck and yard, dig in the potted plants and chatter away. Right now the cicadas drown out almost all other sounds, even the squirrels.


  3. Haha, squirrels 🐿 are cray cray for their nuts. The squirrels at my Alma Mater used to make me feel unease. They would just sit there and not more and just be all around the campus. I felt like they were going to get sick of us and have a squirrel meeting and rebel 😱😱


  4. I have to pick my mandarin oranges a bit early or else our squirrels get them. They’re welcome to the ones up too high for me to reach but the little buggers want them all. One advantage is that for the first year I haven’t had to worry about what to do with the excess navel oranges my son and I couldn’t eat. The squirrels ate them all. In case you were wondering, local charities didn’t want them — this area is awash with orange trees. I have to admit I love watching them cavort in my trees. For the most part when they run out of oranges, we keep a feeder full of nuts and seeds for them. A couple of other neighbors do the same.


  5. This is very entertaining, though I’m not really a fan of squirrels. They can be quite bold–once, one came in my mom’s open door and got up on the couch beside her to watch TV, no lie!!


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