48 thoughts on “Standing in Line

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  2. Thanks for the like, friend.
    Now remember to come back.
    For such treats as…
    Disassembling Thomas Embling.
    But where was you at? Where was you at?
    A WOOOOOOOOOOOZY thinker was I
    to think myself a werewolf, and my poor victim
    a vampire. But our mechanics of the mind,
    the finest at Thomas Embling, they’ve all had a tinker
    and to treat my good self as the monster
    rather than my drug-induced delusion,
    now tranquilized, now in a coma, knocked out
    by Risperdal Consta, to continue to lock up
    an innocent man in this penitentiary
    to prevent some crazy crimes, as though
    the psychotic can be given the good sense
    to know when they’re erring, the sense to say,
    “I hear you God…and I agree that Ma’s the devil…
    but there’s this judge and he’s good at deterring,”
    is wrong and I want out, I want out soon.
    A quarter of a century.
    I would open a vein and let them guzzle,
    the shrinks, our beneficiaries in bad times,
    if remaking myself was not my latest craze,
    if I could not foam behind my muzzle
    and free the tongue needed to lick the moon
    that illuminates the way out of this maze.
    To be continued.

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